The development and survival of the National Dance Theatre Company is the story of a voluntary action group’s continuous operation in Jamaica for almost fifty years, making a strong impact on the nation’s cultural life.

The Company owes its existence to collaborative management coupled with the dynamic interaction of all its participants. Inspired leadership has played a key role.

With diverse professional backgrounds, the group’s unpaid members share a belief that their collective efforts to support dance, music and song will help to promote cultural awareness while fostering a disciplined approach to the task of nation building.

  1. to provide a vehicle for well-trained dancers and other dance theatre artists, such as choreographers, composers, and musicians, who want to participate in the creation of works of excellence rooted in Jamaican and Caribbean cultural realities;

  2. to help create an informed Jamaican audience critically responsive to works of excellence in the theatre arts;
  3. to experiment with various dance forms and techniques;
  4. to develop a style and form that faithfully reflect Caribbean movement patterns;
  5. to encourage serious research into the indigenous dance and music forms of Jamaica as well as the Caribbean.

The objectives of the National Dance Theatre Company are:

The Company’s late Artistic Director, Professor the Hon. Rex Nettleford, put forward two propositions that he believed accounted for its survival: (1) the Company has maximized for the majority of its members the possibility of high levels of satisfaction and at the same time promoted minimum concern for practical needs; and (2) the Company retains a leadership structure that recognizes that successful management must be firmly rooted in good relationships.